Boat wreck
Baltray boat
Wreck on Baltray strand Remains of the 344-ton Irish Trader, of Hartlepool, grounded in 1974 en route from Sharpness to Drogheda with a cargo of fertiliser Infra red wreck!
Old Tower
Rush Harbour.
Long exposure Sunrise at the tower.
Rock Hard!
Why no Seascapes Category? Rock Wall
Long exposure of the Irish coast line. Drift in!
Lambay Island of the coast of Dublin, Ireland Irish coast
Lambay Island on the East coast of Dublin, Ireland Pastel Dreams
Dull grey days..... so I'd thought I'd try some minimalist images :-)
Happy New Year everyone :-) Postal!
A view of Howth, Co Dublin from Portmarnock beach Howth, Dublin
Cold day with to much cloud to allow any of the setting suns rays to light up the sky :-( Irish Coast, Dublin
Irish Coastline
Valencia Island Sunset, Co Kerry, Ireland Valencia Island Sunset
Valencia Island coast, Co Kerry, Ireland Valencia Island
Balbriggan beach, Co Dublin, Ireland January Sunrise
Dusk II
Bailey Lighthouse, Howth, Co Dublin Orange Glow
Bailey Lighthouse, Howth, Co Dublin Light source
Myself and Gary Mc Parland hit up this place yesterday and we were rewarded with an amazing sunrise. St Johns Lighthouse
Sunrise over Shenick island, Skerries, Co Dublin, Ireland Haze
Sunrise over Shenick Island, Skerries, Co Dublin Shenick Island
Crazy sky
Sunset over Balbriggan beach, Dublin, Ireland Red and Blue
Carlingford harbour
The first lighthouse on this site was built in about 1667 by Sir Robert Reading, and was one of six that Reading had received letters patent to build from Charles II in 1665. The original facility consisted of a small cottage and a square tower which supported a coal-fired beacon. Parts of the original buildings remain. In 1790, the coal beacon was replaced with a set of six Argand oil lamps, each including a silvered copper parabolic and a bulls-eye glass pane. During this period, the lighthouse was maintained by the Revenue Commissioners. Morning all.
Giants Causeway starts to take a battering during yesterdays storm. Giants Causeway
note to self: Get some/more sleep before a sunrise shoot! Lambay Island.